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Join the Cult with Tyler Lee, Josh Forrester, and Brock Parsons as they dive headfirst into everything you love about nerd and geek culture. From books, comics, and movies, to video games, anime and manga, the boys let their geek flags fly in this podcast. New standard episodes are released every two weeks.

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Monster Hunter World Video Review

Feb 17, 2018

Tyler just posted his latest video review to patreon: Monster Hunter World. Check it out--and all past and future video content--for just $3 a month. Every little bit helps keep The Nerd Cult up and running.

Check it out, here:

Feb 13, 2018

Apologies for the less than stellar audio. Technical difficulties suck.

Anyway...on this episode, Tyler talks about his time with the full version of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Then, the boys break out a new segment and talk about the three big trailers from the past couple of weeks: Venom, Kingdom Hearts 3, and...

Monster Hunter World Review

Feb 6, 2018

The Monster Hunter series has always prided itself on bringing its fans exactly what they would expect from the title: large scale monster battles, complete with scores of options on how to bring down the larger than life prey. Beyond that, most would never have called Monster Hunter an inclusive or easy to pick up...

Jan 30, 2018

With Super Bowl Sunday approaching, 'tis the season--according to Josh--to narrow down just what is/are the best balls in video games. Join Tyler, Josh, and Brock in this deep and meaningful discussion, sprinkled in with Tyler discussing his beloved time with Monster Hunter: World, the rumored ending of Dragon Ball...

Jan 16, 2018

The trio is a man down this episode, but Tyler and Brock attempt to keep the ship on its normal, unplotted, convoluted course. Brock breaks down his time with the Life is Strange prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and Tyler talks about his time with the Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta. Brock also discusses the odd...